Facial Treatments

Where to start?... we recommended that you first come in for a skin review/consult or health assessment to ensure we can give you the best advice and treatment recommendations this also allows us to document your skin journey with real photos of your skin improving .

Skin Health Assessment 60min | $89

skin health is a full review of skin history, genetic & lifestyle factors to give you the

best skin solutions.

Skin Consultation 40min | $69

Guidance of skin care & routine to assist in skin improvements.

Skin Review 30min | $39

We offers a skin review to clients who have previously had a consultation or skin health assessment.

O Peel Treatment 60min | $124

Relax or be informed the choice is yours. Your skin care therapist can help determine

which is the most suitable solution for you.

Pomegranate - for all skin types/starter peel

Pumpkin- Sun damage/ageing/uneven skin

Advanced Peel Treatment 60min | $129

For a serious skin goal clients these advanced

peels offer higher strength infusion.

Oxygen - intense skin oxygenation

Bio-White - Aging/Pigmentation

Retinol - Aging/sun damage/anti-inflammatory

Relax Treatment Facial 60min | $110

A treatment facial including customized

product selection for stress relief & relaxation

Skin Booster Facial 30min | $65

Hydration or 3 in 1 enzyme boost - great for

those limited on time quick pick me up facial.

Ginger & Me Mindfulness Facial | $145

A facial that will leave with your skin

glowing from within, your mind alive &

your being empowered

Ginger & Me Clinical Facial | $115

A bespoke clinical facial using


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