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Skin Consultations

Start your skin journey...

Skin revision is a journey depending on your goal , your concerns and what would work best based on many factors is all determined in your skin consultation & review appointments .


First lets check where your skin is at...our most recommended starting point 


Skin Health Assessment 60min | $89

A comprehensive assessment, reviewing your skin history, genetics, skin integrity, with its hormonal status, environmental stresses, dietary effects and general health, qualified skin specialists can provide useful insight into the current status of your skin and recommend solutions for the skins long term health and skin management.

Skin Consultation 40min | $69

A condensed consultation, if time is an issue 

Guidance of skin care & routine to assist in skin improvements, photos of the skin are taken under our Observ. diagnostic tool to document skin concerns and track progress.

Skin Review 30min | $39

Skin review and forward plan 

We offers a skin review to clients who have previously had a consultation or skin health assessment to review progress and set any new plans/goals for your next series of treatments & home-care.

Let's Work Together

If your new to The Lab this is where we get to know you and your skin dreams.

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