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Skin Consultations

Start your skin journey...

Skin revision is a journey depending on your goal , your concerns and what would work best based on many factors is all determined in your skin consultation & review appointments .


First lets check where your skin is at...our most recommended starting point 


The Advanced Skin Consultation 60min | $99

A in depth consultation + includes an LED session where we do a thorough assessment of your skin. Using the OBSERV imaging technology we’ll be able to show you the full picture of what’s lurking underneath. Often the things we can’t see on the surface tells the real story!


Whilst you’re relaxing under the LED, which kick starts and primes your cells for the next steps, your Skin Aesthetician will write up your full home care prescription and treatment recommendation.


You are under no obligation to take up the recommendations, but be mindful that results do come with a commitment and the speed of your results are linked to your commitment.

The First Clinical Facial  90min | $210

This 90 minute “getting to know you” session is a consultation and treatment in one. We take Observ photos of your skin, have a chat about your skin goals and then you can jump straight into the treatment bed and enjoy a a customised treatment in our Clinical Base category.


Please note this isn’t a “pamper” style treatment — although we’ll certainly make you relax! Expect to walk away with a base understanding of what’s happening within your skin, a treatment plan and a home prescription to optimise your results.

Skin Review 30min | $50

This 30 minute skin review session is a follow up consultation to set a new skin plan & review the result after completion of a in skin plan or at at home care program. We re-take updated Observ photos of your skin, and establish your new skin goals depending on what stage your skin is at, and do a new skincare prescription to align with current skin needs.

Let's Work Together

If your new to The Lab this is where we get to know you and your skin dreams.

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