Eyelash Extensions

Individual Lashes 

Classics - Simple beautiful natural looking lashes where one individual lash is placed onto each of your natural lashes that are able to support an extension.

New Set Individual  | $100

Approximately 60 Mins

Mega Volume Lashes

For clients wanting the most full and thick set possible using our hand made volume fans to create mega volume and length.

 Mega Volume Lashes  | $149

Approximately 90 Mins

Hybrid Lashes 

Using a combination of individual lashes and hand made volume fans, giving a more full whispy effect than individual alone.

New Set Hybrid Lashes  | $120

Approximately 70 Mins

Lash Infills (Maintenance)

We recommend you have your lash extensions infilled every 2-3 weeks to keep them in good condition and looking their best.

30 Min Infill  | $49

40 Min Infill  | $66

50 Min Infill  | $83

60 Min Infill  | $99

Volume Lashes

Volume lashes can vary from natural to very full depending on your natural lashes creating more volume than individual and hybrid sets.

New Set Volume Lashes  | $125

Approximately 80 Mins

Extension Removal

If you would like your lashes removed we recommend that you have a professional lash removal to break down the glue bond and safely remove your extensions.

Removal Only  | $48

Removal With Other Service  | $30


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