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Eyelash Extensions

Individual Lashes

Classic 1:1 ration of individual lash extension where one lash is applied to most lashes that are able to support a lash extension leaving you with a lovely natural set of lash extensions

New Set $100

Mega Volume

For those who want the maximum volume possible extra full and as thick as your natural lashes will allow

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes are a mixture of individual lashes and hand made volume fans to give a more fuller set than individuals alone great for medium fulness

Lash Infills (Maintenance)

We recommend that lashes are filled every 2-3 weeks to keep then healthy and full and to look their best.

Classic Volume

Using hand made volume fans, these are our most popular set giving a full and luscious set of lash extensions that will enhance your eyes.

Eyelash Extension Removal

We recommend that if you are wanting to have your extensions removed that you have them carefully removed by a professional we use a special solution to break down the glue bond.


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