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Scar Revision + Stretch Marks 
Performed by our Advanced Skin Therapists. 

At The Lab we are trained to analyse some difficult skin conditions and creating a plan of in-clinic treatments and home care that will achieve results you didn’t think possible. 


Our team have treated clients for acne, scarring, pigmentation, environmental redness, rosacea and red veins.


We work on reducing and even eliminating scars for the face and body whether from injuries, post operative, pitting and pock marks, burns or stretch marks. Using a combination of skin needling techniques with specific homecare the results can be life changing.


Call today for an in-clinic consultation with our team to discuss what can be done for your skin. When you have been everywhere, tried everything and can’t get results we will give you straight forward answers in plain, easy to understand language that will change the way you see your skin forever.

Skin for Body Consultation | $89

(fully redeemable on homeware on the day)

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