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The Regul8® Digestive Tune-Up is a herbal-based three-step process that cleanses, soothes, and repairs the gastrointestinal system – removing unwanted organisms – soothing irritation, and aiding sustainable gut health – rebalancing the good bacterial cultures and providing them with the appropriate environment to flourish.   


Restore and nurture the micro-flora in the digestive system with our unique micro-encapsulated probiotics that protect and deliver 100% live cultures to the lower intestine.     


The combination of Cleanse, Restore and Maintain delivers 100% of live cultures to the lower intestine through micro-encapsulated technology, where other supplements pass right through.  

The Digestive Tune-Up (DTU) is done as a program, where you take the Cleanse, Restore and Maintain tablets all at the same time. Although commonly assumed that you would take Cleanse first, then Restore, and then Maintain ­– the combination of the three together are formulated to synergistically support each other in the restoration of a healthy digestive system and re-establishing the microbiome.

Cleanse doesn’t affect the good bacteria in the gut, only the bad stuff, and while we are cleansing, Restore is repairing and creating the right environment for the good bacteria to be able to thrive in. We need to be re-populating the good bacteria with the Maintain at the same time with the good bacteria, so it becomes like your army in the digestive system that prevents the bad bacteria getting back in and overgrowing in the gut. So, the Digestive Tune-Up is a systematic approach. Restoring and rebalancing, nurturing the digestive system and replacing the good bacteria while bringing the microbiota back into perfect balance. You need healthy flora in your gut for a healthy digestive system and Regul8 provides the beneficial microflora in the gut a stable environment in which to grow and flourish, helping to regain and maintain optimal health. 


It is recommended to do 2 to 3 boxes of DTU then to continue taking Maintain. 

Relax can also be continued for times of stress or before bed, ongoing.



Regul8 - Digestive tune up

  • The Basic Program is for someone who has no digestive issues, health problems or skin problems, but wants to detox for other reasons. (Not many people only require 1 round, most people need a minimum of 2 months on the Digestive Tune-Up to see results). This program involves taking 3 capsules morning, midday and night.

    • First thing in the morning take: 1 x Cleanse, 1 x Restore, and 1 x Maintain. They work best on an empty stomach and first thing in the morning when you wake up. Take your morning capsules with warm water and we recommend adding lemon juice in it.  

    • At 11.30am or approx. 20 mins before lunch take: 1 x Cleanse, 1 x Restore, and 1 x Maintain with warm water.

    • At 6.30pm or approx. 20mins before dinner take: 1 x Cleanse 1 x Restore 1 x Maintain with warm water.

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