Take a stand against unhealthy skincare and false promises. Wanting to protect skin & body from damaging UV exposure and toxic ingredients, LUE began formulating biodegradable, non toxic After sun.Recognising the massive amount of devastation to coral reefs in recent years, which can be attributed to a build up of toxic residues from sunscreen products, we wanted to find a small but LARGE solution that could seriously reduce our day-to-day impact on people, marine and coral life.A 100% natural, TGA approved, ocean-and-people friendly product. 2 years of formulation later, we are proud to introduce a biodegradable line of sun care that is in the process of coral, fish and marine invertebrates testing to ensure its health for the aquatic environment. Our product formulation is the best 100% natural, fami- ly-and-planet friendly.

P4O after sun 200 ml