Kiki Health Body Biotics Capsules use a proprietary ancient blend of Humic and Fulvic acids to culture a symbiotic blend of 8 highly effective friendly bacteria super-strains. The Body Biotics are dormant, alive and thriving in their own natural prebiotics ancestral food source. They do not have a finite number as when activated with water or juice, these ‘alive and thriving’ organisms, trained in nature to withstand the harshest of environments, awaken and begin immediately to multiply.

✓ These vegan capsules are naturally dehydrated (not freeze-dried), with the SBOs (soil based organisms) rendered dormant as in nature and waiting to be ingested with an aqueous solution so they can, once again, thrive
✓ Once thriving, they provide the same bio-identical health benefits we used to enjoy before the introduction of harsh chemicals into our farming world in the mid- 1950s
✓ Effectively re-populates the intestine with a beneficial balance of friendly bacteria

Contains 60 Vegicaps.

Kiki Health Body Biotics

  • Week 1: Take one capsule a day, 30 minutes before food with juice or pure water. (1 per day)
    Week 2: Take one capsule twice a day (2 per day)
    Week 3: Take one capsule three times a day (3 per day)
    If required increase by one capsule per week up to a maximum of six capsules per day in week six.
    Maintain six capsules per day for 6 months or longer, and then reduce to an average of 2 – 3 capsules per day.
    Caution: Do not take capsules with hot beverages. Not recommended for pregnant women.