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 Skin Consultations & Analysis

From a comprehensive assessment, reviewing your skin history, genetic disposition, skin harmony and integrity, with its hormonal status,  environmental stresses, dietary effects and general health, qualified skin specialists can provide useful insight into the current status of your skin and recommend solutions for the skins long term health and age management.  

Skin health is determined by many factors and once there is a clear understanding of an individuals skin function, a focused effective routine can be implemented, minimizing unnecessary expenditure, whilst optimizing skin harmony and longevity with the inclusion of all the needful ingredients, at the correct time, for a right duration, in an effective dose, free of harmful and negative ingredients, supported by treatments if required.

For the assessment we encourage you to bring all your home care products and makeup so that these too can be analyzed on ingredients of benefit or detriment.  Their full and potential use within your skin solution can also be included. 

Skin scanning is included in these consultations and often photos are used to record the skin status, as a reference for future assessments

Skin Health Assessment 60 mins: $89

The Comprehensive review of your skin & its history to give you the best solutions

Skin Consultation 40 mins: $69

For clients that would like some guidance of skincare and routine to assist in skin improvements 

Skin Review 30 mins: $39

A skin review is great for those who want to check progress and progression of skin health in preparation or after advanced treatments 

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