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Juvenate SkinPro Facials

Blurred Lines

60 Minutes


A powerful infusion of actives including Vitamins A, B & C to blur and soften facial lines and regenerate your skin tissue.

Lactic & Kawakawa Peel

60 Minutes


Our taste of NZ Facial, using a lactic & Kawakawa infusion for the skin, to move redundant cells and increase hydration in the skin leaving it more buffed, radiant and plump this is a relaxing facial that gives your skin a gorgeous glow.

Vitamin A Infusion

50 Minutes


Vitamin A - This potent infusion helps uncover skin by working to restore the growth of healthy young skin cells. In helps to increase cell turnover and normalise cell function.

This peel is ideal if you are experiencing signs of hyper-pigmentation, photo damage, lines & wrinkles, acne, scaring & malasma. 

Hydration Booster Facial

30 Minutes


Dehyrated skin is the most common skin issue we face, this little facial help to infuse Hydration and give the skin a boost plumping and filling the tissues with hyaluronic

great for those limited on time quick pick me up facial.

Cellular Health TX

50 Minutes


Working to improve cell health in the skin, an infusion of skin health active ingredients to boost and kick start cell communication and healthy cells . This relaxing skin treatment will leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.

Power Boost Peel Infusion

60 Minutes


If you are a Juvenate at home skin user of some of our advanced formulas, and want to take your skin results to the next level, this is the treatment for you!. Stimulate cell turnover, brighten your complexion, get control of cell function, improve skin barrier, while also stimulating collagen production. Includes lactic hydration & vitamin A cellular repair and regulate infusion. You also have a LED light treatment included with a photo renew sheet mask packed full of peptides and hydration.

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