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IPL Permanant Hair Reduction 

We have the worlds most advanced IPL technology.  The Anthelia is a powerful medical grade IPL machine from France which is capable of treating all skin tones and hair colours as well as Skin for pigmentation, vascular treatments and photo rejuvenation.  

How does IPL work?

For Dark hair :IPL emits light in to the skin which is absorbed by the pigment in hair and turned to heat.  This heat safely damages the cells responsible for growing new hair.

For other hair colours : The IPL elites direct to the blood supply, the hair is waxed prior to stimulate blood flow, the skin is then cooled and treated.

Is IPL the same as laser?           
Not all laser or IPL machines are equal.  A high quality IPL machine will be better than a lower grade laser machine and vice versa.  Our machine is the highest quality IPL machine in the world, available in only a small number of NZ skin clinics and delivering far superior results to the 'standard' grade machines.

Research has shown that a slower, but longer heating process is considerably more effective for permanent hair removal than high and short levels of energy.

How Many treatments will I need ?

Although we would love to give you a precise answer unfortunately this time frame and amount can greatly vary from person to person. Whats important to consider is that IPL is more effective when done at recommended intervals, sporatic appointment visits can reduce results . Usually around 8-12 treatments are required but can be more if we are dealing with hormonal growth.

We offer two pricing options for IPL treatment Single pay as you go sessions

4 session packs saving up to 15% per treatment.

6 session packs saving up to 20% per treatment.

For Her

Upper Lip | $60

Chin | $80

Upper Lip & Chin | $120

Sides of face | $120

Neck Area | $100

Between Brow | $50

Underarm | $100

Navel | $80

lower Leg | $250

Upper  Leg (Thighs) | $290

Full Leg | $350

Back of thigh | $150

Toes & feet | $90 

Hands & Fingers | $90

Basic Bikini | $100

hikini | $150

Brazilian | $220

For Him 

Arms | $280

Back | $320

Chest | $250

Chest & Abs | $350

Neck Area | $100

Beard Area | $150

lower Leg | $280

Upper Leg (Thighs) | $320

Full Leg  | $380

Toes & feet | $110 

Hands & Fingers | $110

Shoulders | $200

Underarms | $100

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